Apple’s newest update prevents a horrible malware.

Courtesy of CNET.COM, Apple has released an “important security” update that prevents a horrible malware from installing on the iPhone.

The malware is called “Trident” and once installed it can read texts, emails, record your phone calls, track the phone and collect passwords.

According to analysts, the hackers who created this threat is taking advantage of existing vulnerabilities in the iOS operating system. NY Times reports investigators have pegged an Israeli company, NSO Group, as responsible for the malicious spyware.

Apple fixed the holes in the system says after it was discovered thanks to security firm Lookout Labs and Citizen Lab and a security update was just announced and released.

The story began to take shape in early August when Ahmed Mansoor a human rights activist began receiving suspicious messages via text. He sent the texts to Citizen Lab who confirmed some one was trying to track him using his iPhone.

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spam blockers coming soon

courtesy of digital trends
courtesy of digital trends

Google has announced a news spam blocking technique coming to Nexus and Android One devices that alerts callers if they are receiving or dialing a phone number that belongs to a spammer. According to CNET.COM the update will be rolling out in a couple of days. And this should come as no surprise. The FCC has told telecom companies they must do something about the issue and any fix must be delivered to customers free of charge.

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